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27 de agosto de 2014


This summer, Christmas came in the month of August to the municipal shelter of Langreo. Two volunteers, Marloes van der Wijst and Perry Kremers, came from Holland to help in the shelter, and not with empty hands.

They came loaded with kennels, beds, food, drinking and feeding bowl, blankets, toys, brushes ... a huge list of gifts for the sheltered animals.
Marloes already knew the shelter. Last year SOS Strays offered her the opportunity to come to Spain as a volunteer and she come to Langreo with two other Dutch girls, Lara and Jessie.

This year she returned on his own initiative, accompanied by her boyfriend, Perry. Both share the love for animals and the solidarity spirit.

For months they have been promoting the donation of basic necessities for the sheltered animals, all they have brought us, and they passed their holidays in Langreo, taking care of the animals and participating in their daily lives full time.

We know what they do. But why do they do it?

For Marloes, the last summer was a rewarding experience, as much as to repeat it. She also wanted to see Mamba, a pitbull that last year she fell in love with; they would love to take her, but they’re living in a small apartment and already have a dog, a pitbull. In the Netherlands these dogs do not need a license, only muzzle once the animal is one year old.


Perry, also an animal lover, accompanied her on this trip, in the daily work of the shelter and the preparatives, collecting the donations they brought.

We asked them to give some advice for new volunteers, and this is their answer:

"That new volunteers do everything they do from the heart."

Last year Marloes made ​​a movie of their internship at the shelter, which 
you can see here: